What is ADVPlus?

Our history

ADVplus is a Social Media Marketing agency specializing in Facebook & Instagram Ads. It was founded by an international team of former Facebook employees and social media advertising experts.

We offer consulting services for companies, startups and marketing agencies which believe in the huge potential of Facebook and Instagram to expand their businesses.

We analyse your business and create a customized strategy, based on your needs and objectives

We launch, monitor and optimize your advertising campaigns, no matter which vertical, market or company size.

We guarantee concrete results by optimizing costs and developing innovative advertising methods.

We provide ongoing support and customized coaching for your employees and coworkers.

ADVplus is your best partner for marketing and advertising on Facebook and Instagram: send us a message or email us for a free first consultation!

Supported languages: English, Italian, German, French, Spanish and Portuguese.




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Our Services

Find out how we can help you expand your business on Facebook and Instagram

Tells us more about your business and together we will find the best strategy.

Reach your goals with ADVplus!


Discover our services


We will take care of everything for you. We will manage your ads from A to Z and be committed to bringing you the best possible results


We will teach you how to fully exploit the potential of Facebook and Instagram advertising tools. We will coach your employees and co-workers. With our help you will be able to run ads on your own.


Discover our services


We will help you define a strategy and optimize your clients’ campaigns. We’ll be your ace in the pack to deliver your clients the best results


We will take care of Facebook and Instagram ads and you will manage the other advertising channels. We will offer a professional and highly qualified service.

Our Method

Your path with ADV+

Our goal is to let you expand your business with us. We will guide you through this path with the utmost of professionalism and reliability.
Your success is our success!

Objectives Definition

Together we will understand your needs and define the goals you aim to achieve on Facebook and Instagram.  Enhancing your brand awareness, collecting the leads of potential clients, increasing your online sales… These are just some of the solutions we offer

Strategy Definition

We will create a customized strategy based on what you’ve done so far, what your competitors are doing and our experience. There is no fixed rule to define a strategy. We will help you explore different solutions in order to find the one that will lead you to your goals and maximize your ROI.

Result Analysing

We need to learn from our errors and improve through past experiences. We will help you understand which are the most important KPIs to look at in order to evaluate our job. We will present you accurate and always up to date reports about your campaigns’ performances.


Take a look!

These are just a few examples of ad formats we can realize for you!

Our Team

We love our way of life. We love our job and we love spending time together.

Our secret ingredient? Friendship!

Our Clients

Our goal is simple: to realize things that people care about. We were founded on this principle and we will always be committed to it.