K-Way. Brand awareness in Italy and all around the world!

June 2018

K-Way is a brand of the BasicNet S.p.A. group, operating in the clothing/fashion, footwear, and sports accessories sector. The Group’s activity consists in developing the knowledge of the various brands it owns and distributing its products through a global network of the licensee and independent companies. Which channel is more appropriate if not those Social Media and in particular Instagram?

                    Instagram Feed and Instagram Stories. Winners Placement!


Our Goals

K-Way objectives:

  • Reach as many users as possible at the lowest price, on various social media channels and various markets;
  • To obtain a good number of interactions by users in different countries such as Italy, Germany, USA, UK, France, Belgium.

Our Results

The Results achieved:

Thanks to a careful, precise targeting and a search for interests consistent with the audience we wanted to reach, we managed to get an excellent CPR (cost per reach) in different countries.

A lot of interactions were generated because each content was presented in the native language of the users. It is really important that users identify themselves with the brand, not only in terms of communicated values ​​but also regarding the language.

How do we reach our goals?

We have used different placements to achieve different objectives through a strategy that involved three different phases. The content, adapted and customized according to the targeted countries, have been effective and have attracted the attention of users, pushing them to interact.

Instagram, especially for fashion brands, is a powerful channel to gain visibility and reach a large number of people at a low cost and has therefore proved to be the ideal channel to achieve the objectives set by K-Way.

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