Prayanayoga Retreats GmbH

April 2018
Prayana Yoga Retreats GmbH is a German travel agency specializing in Yoga travel, retreats / houses and holiday villas in Portugal, Morocco, France and Austria.
                    Not only Awarness but a lot of bookings too!!!


Our Goals

The Long terms objectives are:

  • Improve the quality and quantity of Traffic to the Website
  • Increase the numbers of bookings

Our Results

We started to see great resultas already after 4 weeks:


Landing Page Views before ADVplus


Landing Page Views with ADVplus


Bookings before ADVplus


Bookings with ADVplus

How do we reach our goals?

We have identified a high quality target combining the passion for travel, with yoga, analyzing the best practices of competitors and the reactions of users to various combinations of text and images. Testing is the most important thing to do, not just to get good results, but to get the best possible results. It is also important to not forget who has already had experience in one of the camps. The most profitable customers are those who have already had a positive experience and are loyal to the brand. With this customer, up-selling turned out to be a winner. Showing new surfcamps and sometimes even more expensive to those who had already booked in the past, has allowed us to generate a large number of new bookings.

What does Prayanayoga say about us?

“ADVplus is a highly reliable, competent and qualified partner regarding all our social media projects. Especially their flexibility in cooperative work helps our young and just founded company immensely.” – Armin Weber, Managing Director, Prayana Yoga Retreats

Do you want to reach the same results of Prayanayoga?

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