Surfblend: an unique experience!

January 2018
                                    13.91 times ROAS (return of Ad spent).
                                  68.5% decrease of website traffic costs.


Our Goals

The Long terms objectives are:

  • Improve the quality and quantity of Traffic to the Website
  • Increase the numbers of bookings

Our Results

Percentage increase of social media advertisement results over the first 4 weeks:


% Growth of Landing Page Views with ADVplus


% Growth of Bookings with ADVplus

The Strategy

Test, test, test. In the first month we looked for the right combination of message and text that would allow us to convince as many users as possible to visit the website. Thanks to Pixel we were able to monitor which URLs obtained more views, dividing the budget more appropriately. Finally we retargeted all those who showed interest in the different surfcamps pushing them to finalize the reservation.

What does Surfblend say about us?


“We at Surfblend are happy to have ADV+ as our Facebook & Instagram advertising partner. In only 4 weeks they were able to generate a 13.91 times ROAS (return of Ad spent). Also, ADV+ was able to decrease our website traffic costs of 0,74 %. Besides running our Ads, they are active on giving us suggestions about creativity which is incredibly helpful for our social media management. We are looking forward to keep on working together in the future.”

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