Campaigns for the sale of products/services

Why advertise
for e-commerce and physical stores?

Nowadays, social networks like Facebook and Instagram are an essential element for the marketing strategy of a brand.

If you have a physical store, for example, not advertising online would be a big mistake because you are precluding a large chunk of potential customers.

The same goes for those who have an e-commerce because, despite being already online, most of the time people are not aware of your product / service.

This is where ADV + comes in!

Advertising for e-commerce and physical stores

Do you have an e-commerce or a physical store?

Why should you promote your e-commerce on Facebook?

  • Facebook offers many advanced monitoring tools that allow you to understand user behavior, from what they do from the first click on the post to the purchase stage.
  • Lots of advanced targeting tools such as: demographics, user behavior on social networks, various interests.
  • You no longer have to pay commissions for selling your products to marketplaces like Amazon
  • You will finally be able to create your community of loyal customers who come back to your site and buy directly and only from you.

Why should you promote your physical store on Facebook?

  • Facebook provides tools that allow you to understand if the person who saw the advertisement bought in the store.
  • Lots of geolocation-based targeting tools such as: people who live in a certain place (1km from a specific address), people who have traveled or who intend to travel to a certain place.
  • You can give all the useful information users need to find you such as hours, address, etc.
Our services

What can we do for you?

Data Monitoring

We set up the monitoring system that Facebook makes available to users in order to collect all possible data that can help us improve performance.


We will secure your advertising accounts against hacker attacks. Account and page are your sole property and we will teach you how to take care of them.

Ad Hoc Strategies

We will help you define, thanks to the campaigns we will create and monitor for you, a clear and convincing marketing strategy that will bring you real results.

Analysis and Report

You will always have a report available from which you can understand the performance of your site and we will help you in analyzing the data to identify together the best trends to follow.

Expansion Abroad

Why exploit only the Italian market when you can easily increase our turnover if you decide to bring our products / services also abroad?
ADV + does this too!

Brand Presentation

The first impression people have of your brand is everything! We will present your brand to the world with creativity and originality! ADV + specializes in everything you need to make your brand attractive to users.


Our Success Stories


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    Advertising for e-commerce and physical stores

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