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Instagram is testing Subscriptions for Content Creators

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On January 19th, Instagram CEO, Adam Mosseri, announces the Instagram Subscriptions testing for 10 accounts in the USA. A way to allow fans to support their favorite Creators. Let’s see how they will work.

It is still early to say if it will work.
Instagram Subscriptions to Creator accounts is an experiment launched, however, with the full intention of extending it to other users of the platform as soon as possible.

As announced by CEO Adam Mosseri himself in the presentation live, at the moment the functionality has been enabled only for 10 Creator accounts in the United States.

It is certainly one of the most important news for the Meta company, which has been involved in restyling and innovation on several fronts in recent months.

In this article we have collected the most interesting questions on the subject, trying to give an answer based on the available informations.

What will be the added value of subscriptions on Instagram?
What impact could it have for Creators?
And above all, will it work in a particular context like that of Instagram?

1. Where did the idea of Subscriptions come from?

Although it seemed like an absolute novelty, there are previous and several similar experiences in terms of Subscriptions to Creator accounts on social networks.

Let’s start with Facebook.
In 2020, before the launch of the new Meta brand, Facebook Subscription was launched. A system that allowed fans to subscribe to the account of their favorite Creators and supporting their work.
In exchange, the users received access to a series of exclusive contents such as extra videos, behind the scenes or making of.

If we think of other examples of platforms with similar subscriptions, we cannot fail to mention Twitch. The most popular stream channel, in fact, provides since the beginning a way that allows subscribers to support the Creator through donations.

According to some rumors, TikTok is also experimenting with paid subscriptions on the wave of what was introduced by Twitter with SuperFollow.

Other examples can be cited by analyzing the business model of some other platforms such as Patreon (destination of many Creators who have made their way on social networks) and OnlyFans.

2. Instagram Subscriptions: a revolution for Creators?

What does all of this mean for Content Creators?

There are those who speak of a real revolution.
In fact, that of Creators is a digital profession that over the years has struggled more than others to emancipate itself and become independent, especially from an economic-salary point of view.

Until now, in fact, the most frequent way of remuneration in exchange of all the time and energy involved in creating online contents comes from indirect sources such as sponsorship, collaborations, affiliate marketing or promotion of other services.

The fact that the platforms that host the contents are engaging in this aspect is significant.
However, it is still an attempt to reduce the migration of many Creators to more profitable platforms (such as the aforementioned Patreon) after they have managed to create a loyal audience on traditional channels.

Of course there will be Pros…

By introducing a direct payment system between communities and Creators, the advantages could be the following:

  • Strengthening the bond of trust
  • Incentive to create exclusive and even more engaging contents for the paying audience
  • Greater awareness of the Creators professional role
  • More transparency in the communication and promotion of products or services

…and Cons

We also considered possible cons like:

  • Excessive economic “dependence” on the community
  • Performance anxiety when producing contents in line with the expectations of the paying audience
  • FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) of the Creator that could feel the anxiety of having to continually produce new contents online

3. What are the 10 test accounts?

As we said, the functionality of subscriptions on Instagram is still being tested.

10 Creator accounts have been selected in the USA to experiment with subscriptions:

  • @alanchikinchow Alan Chikin Chow popular TikToker, Actor and Content Creator with 397k follower;
  • @sedona._ 22 years, American basketball player very active on social media. She has more than 250k followers on Instagram;
  • @alizakelly celebrity astrologer, columnist, and bestselling author;
  • @kelseylynncook Kalsey Cook, Actress, dancer and model;
  • @elliottnorris french-american Content Creator and TikToker;
  • @jordanchiles  is an American olympic gymnast;
  • @jackjerry influencer, actor, model e gymnast;
  • @bunnymichael rapper e visual artist with 216k followers;
  • @donalleniii  Don Allen Stevenson III, american Content Creator and Crypto Artist;
  • @lonnieiiv creator and TikToker.

“Having subscriptions on Instagram makes building a more intimate relationship with my followers and fans possible. I am so excited to nurture those connections and make a lasting impact that will help keep my work sustainable.”
– @bunnymichael

instagram subscriptions how it works adv+

4. How much will the subscriptions cost?

The subscription price can be set freely by the individual Creator between a minimum of 1 dollar and a maximum of 99.

As reported in the same launch release, the Meta company will not withhold any commission on subscriptions at least until 2023.

5. Will the Instagram Subscriptions also arrive in Europe?

We do not have certain news as it will depend a lot on the success of the test.
But we can rely on the words of CEO Adam Mosseri which represent a real declaration of intent for the entire Meta company:

“At Meta, we strongly believe in enabling creators to make a living through our platforms and have built a suite of tools to allow them to do that — helping them get support from their audience, partner with brands and earn money from advertising or bonuses directly from Instagram and Facebook. […] We hope to build the tools to allow them to also directly connect with their audience off platform in the future ”.

In short, let’s cross our fingers and wait!

Would you already know which Content Creator support with your Subscription?

Imagine a future in which subscriptions on Instagram are already available for everyone… which Creator would you give your support to?

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