Lead Generation

How to increase contacts
thanks to the use of social networks?

Social media, more often than not, are seen as a simple showcase that only brings visibility.

This is absolutely not the case!

With the right work, concrete results can be achieved.

One of the most important is the increase in qualified contacts that can be turned into potential customers.

Why build a user database?

A user database is the best way to reach your customers with a constant newsletter, analyze data to find similar audiences and send small surveys to understand how to move strategically.

It also helps build a community around your brand / product / service, increasing your authority in the industry.

If you don’t have anyone to help you write newsletters, don’t despair, we’ll take care of that too, find out more on our Mailing List and Newsletter page.

What is Remarketing or Retargeting?

Remarketing is based on the insertion of a cookie on the device of the user who visits a web page.

This cookie allows your company’s ads to be displayed even when the user navigates to other pages.

In this way the user will be encouraged to return to your website and complete the action he has left pending (product purchase, product left in the cart, etc.)

Test your offers on a small portion of users

One thing to do before expanding our promo to all our contacts is to carry out a market research.

Thanks to ADV + you will have the opportunity to test your offers on a small portion of your overall emails and see how users respond.

This way you will be able to understand their reaction and see how to improve your campaign.

What is the difference between up selling and cross selling?

Upselling is the practice of encouraging customers to purchase a higher-end product comparable to the one in question, while cross-selling invites customers to purchase related or complementary items.

Although often used interchangeably, both offer distinct benefits and can be effective in tandem.

With ADV + you will be able to get the best out of both of these types of sales.

Campaign performance monitoring

Thanks to the Analytics tools offered by Facebook and Instagram you will have the possibility to measure the results of the investments made unlike all other traditional advertising channels.

Thanks to all the data that we will collect you will be able to improve your overall performance results of your advertising campaigns and, consequently, make them more profitable.

What is PCC Advertising?

At their core, keywords are one of — if not the most — single important component of a successful SEO campaign. Keywords refer to the words typed into a search box – be it on Google, Bing, or Yahoo. However, there is much more to keywords than just that.

The keywords typed into a search box reveal certain details about customers and how they go about searching for things. Knowing this, it’s important to target keywords that mimic your customer’s minds and search tendencies.

Our services

Why choose ADV +

Target Analysis

Instead of trying to reach everyone unconditionally, we will help you reach only the target who is actually interested in buying your product / service.

Ad Hoc Strategies

There are several tactics that allow you to collect contacts, we will help you find the one that brings you the maximum result at the minimum cost.

Custom Material

We will define for you a tailor-made strategy based on the capabilities of your product / service and the "material" (videos, articles, etc) you have available.

What we have achieved for our customers

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