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Valentina Giorgi

Valentina Giorgi:
How to sell bags and accessories throughout Europe thanks to Facebook and Instagram campaigns

Valentina Giorgi is an Italian fashion designer who creates lines consisting of bags, backpacks, clutches, women’s wallets and T-shirts.

From a small shop in Cattolica, thanks to the help of ADVPlus, she managed to have great success on Facebook and Instagram, establishing herself as a real all-Italian success story.

95% of Valentina's sales come directly from campaigns and activity on Instagram and Facebook!


Like many e-commerce, Valentina Giorgi saw two channels in Facebook and Instagram with a good opportunity to increase sales.

With an editorial plan and a developed strategy, we were able to increase sales in Italy and abroad.

After an initial coordination call, we were able to set our short and long term goals:
  • Increase sales in Italy and six other European countries : France, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Holland;
  • Increase brand awareness in order to establish itself as a successful brand within the industry.
The first results arrived after 4 weeks:
  • 6 European Nations
  • 96 Sessions for mobile devices
  • 78 Sales

How do we reach our goals?

You have to know how to wait for the right moment and work strategically.

With Valentina we applied two successive steps: first step, we improved the targeting by reaching new users who are really interested in the product.

Subsequently, all users who landed on the site were targeted through Remarketing campaigns which allowed for great results.

Do you want to have the same results as Valentina Giorgi?

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