Puresurfcamps: Increase Brand Awareness and Bookings? It is possible!

June 2017

Puresurfcamps GmbH is a German travel agency specializing in surfing trips, surf camps / houses and villas all over Europe, Asia & South America.

In June 2017 ADV+ & Puresurfcamps GmbH started to collaborate in their social media marketing. From the start ADV+ was able (during a one month “test phase”) to generate a large amount of bookings as well as Lead Generations.
We are proud to be working with Puresurfcamps GmbH. They have #purepassion for their business.
                    Puresurfcamps reached 31,43% ROAS (return of Ad spent)


Our Goals

The long terms objectives are:

  • Improve the quality and quantity of Traffic to the Website
  • Increase the numbers of bookings

Our Results

Percentage Increase of social media advertisement results with ADVplus:


% Growth of Landing Page Views with ADVplus


% Growth of Bookings with ADVplus

The Way We Work

After a couple of successful months of social media campaigns, ADV+ also helped Puresurfcamps to generate their global page structure, updating their Facebook pages as well as starting a successful and close workflow.
In October 2017 we had the pleasure of meeting the Puresurfcamps TEAM at their Munich Office. Two days of brainstorming for future marketing strategies and projects helped to set the way for the following months.
The invitation to the “October-Fest” was highly appreciated and was a blast!!!
Within a short period of time the U.K. and Scandinavian markets started to show interest in Puresurfcamps who trusted in our knowledge and expertise to enable them to expand within these markets via Social-Media-Advertising.
We continue to work closely together, communicating efficiently and running ads. ADV+ visited Puresurfcamps GmbH in March 2018 to define new marketing strategies for the next months as well as creating new content which will generate even more conversions.

The Strategy

Our knowledge and expertise from our previous position as Marketing Experts at Facebook helped us to find the right content and messaging for Puresurfcamps existing and new customers.
We have identified a high quality target combining the passion for travel, with that of surfing, analyzing the best practices of competitors and the reactions of users to various combinations of text and images. Testing is the most important thing to do, not just to get good results, but to get the best possible results. It is also important to not forget who has already had experience in one of the camps.
The most profitable customers are those who have already had a positive experience and are loyal to the brand. With this customer, up-selling turned out to be a winner. Showing new surfcamps and sometimes even more expensive to those who had already booked in the past, has allowed us to generate a large number of new bookings.

What does Puresurfcamps say about us?

“We at Puresurfcamps GmbH are happy to have ADV+ as our Facebook & Instagram advertising partner. In only 4 weeks they were able to generate a 31,43% ROAS (return of Ad spent). Besides the actual amazing results in the ads ADV+ is giving us ongoing support on Facebook and Instagram. Always able to give us new ideas and implementing them in our Ads is incredibly helpful. We are looking forward to working together in the future.”

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