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Amoremio, this is how I teach you about advertising on Facebook and Instagram

Coaching Facebook Ads per le piccole imprese: la storia di Amoremio Bag


Made in Tuscany design that makes you fall in love

AMOREMIO® signs bags and accessories in leather worked and tanned in Tuscany, handcrafted products designed by Sara Spolverini and entirely produced by Tuscan leather masters. In addition to craftsmanship and Tuscan style, this brand stands out for being intended for those who “see a little heart in the nose of their dog”. The distinctive feature of the brand is in fact a canine heart-nose that guides the shape and design of all its accessories.

“Two hearts in one” would say Sara, who conceived the brand in 2013 while she was portraying Vino, one of her two beloved Labradors, who inspired the design of the AMOREMIO® creations. After a few years of offline life, in 2019 Sara chose to promote her business also online and turned to ADV + to make her brand known and generate traffic to the amoremiobag.com site through Facebook and Instagram campaigns.

ADV+ Coaching

Facebook Ads for small businesses

Like every young entrepreneur, Sara wants and must not only know but also know how to use the promotion tools of her own brand firsthand. This is why Facebook Ads Coaching was the first step of our collaboration relationship.

Creating ads on Facebook and Instagram is very simple, doing it effectively and consciously is another story. This is the first thing you learn during our remote personalized consulting and training hours. After this revelation we move on to the basic steps for any advertising activity on the two social networks in question.

Set up the Facebook Business Manager

The Business Manager is the tool behind every advertising activity on Facebook and Instagram. From here, advertisements are created and monitored, billing and payment data, page roles, links between pages and advertising accounts, audiences, pixels and other events to be tracked are set.

However intuitive and generous with shortcuts and automatisms, the Business Manager can prove to be a real labyrinth for a non-expert. And here the first thing we set up with Sara was the Business Manager connected to the Amoremio Bag fanpage. By configuring every aspect based on the specifics of the brand and the shared objectives for AMOREMIO®.

Set up the Facebook Pixel

The second step of our coaching activity concerns the setting of the Pixel. A string of code that allows you to monitor traffic from the social network to the brand’s website. The Pixel is the heart of the advertising activity on Facebook and Instagram because it allows you to set up the very important remarketing campaigns and to track micro and macro conversions, for example a purchase on the destination site, subscription to a newsletter, download a document.

The pixel setting is essential for the creation of specific audiences, the so-called hot audiences, made up of people who in some way have already come into contact with the brand and for subsequent advertising campaigns.

Decide the goal of social campaigns

Thanks to the hours of coaching Sara has learned to choose the goal of each Facebook and Instagram campaign from time to time based on the strategy of the moment. To distinguish a page like campaign from a traffic campaign to the site or a temporary landing page, between a video viewing campaign and a contact generation campaign.

From time to time, the choice of the objective and the related type of campaign is derived from the shared strategy, tailored to the needs of the AMOREMIO® brand: a brand and a philosophy to be made known, a video to be disseminated, a fanpage to be made grow, a product to promote and sell.

Create a Facebook and Instagram Campaign

After choosing the objective and type of audience, after suggesting examples of creativity, Sara learned to create her own Facebook and Instagram campaigns from scratch, setting budgets and timing, placements and preferences.

The creation of each campaign is followed step by step during the coaching hours, but the willingness to solve temporary problems or bugs goes beyond the consulting hours.

Learn to read reports

Last but not least, the monitoring phase and the final evaluations on the progress and results obtained from a campaign are among the most important aspects of any social ads. The final stages of our coaching concern the possibility of learning from mistakes and evaluating winning choices, in order to be able to build better and better advertising activities, even independently.

Halfway between a personalized training course and strategic consultancy, our Facebook Ads Coaching allows every company, even the smallest and youngest ones, to get the most out of their advertising investments on social networks, and, above all, to do it consciously. A long-term investment that we recommend as a first step to all the realities we meet.

AMOREMIO® says about us

“Competence, professionalism, concrete results this is what I found with ADV +. Roberto is a helpful, kind and reliable person, his advice has made me grow both as a professional and as a brand. In addition, working remotely with him is easy and fun.
Finding the right person to work with is difficult, finally with ADV + I found what I was looking for: people I can trust and to whom I can entrust my project with the certainty that they will know how to make the most of it. A real and sincere support, a precious help to promote my little big dream called AMOREMIO®. “

Sara Spolverini – designer and founder of AMOREMIO®

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