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Instagram Reels: 5 reasons to integrate them into your social strategy

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Fast, funny, engaging: Reels seem to have hit the hearts of Instagram users.

Since their debut in August 2020, their trend has always been growing.

Okay, maybe they needed some time to get the favor of the Instagrammers so used to Post, Stories and IGTV.

The biggest doubts concerned the too similar format compared to the rival TikTok who was already large numbers and succeeded into the incredibile mission of conquering T-Generation.

Left any reserves, after less than a year, the Instagram Reels seem to have definitively entered the Olympus of the must-haves of any best Instagram feed.

Let’s now see the 5 reasons why you shouldn’t miss this latest new, proposed by our favorite social network.

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1. Integrate and complete your Instagram Strategy

Let’s start with a premise: each feature has its specific purpose.

An effective social strategy is the one that can integrate effectively the different formats by exploiting the characteristics of each, according to the user’s needs and type of content.

Difference Between Instagram Story and Reels

Instagram Stories, for example, serve to “retain” an existing audience (they’re already “followers”) and to maintain a daily interaction with it.

A connection like this allows you to maintain a high degree of engagement and to constantly involve your audience with updated contents.

Conversely, Reels (as posts) should be used as a channel to link new interested users to your profile.
(So green light to the hashtags to link your specific contents with the most relevant trends of the moment).

Difference between Stories and Reels is also reflected by their own placement on Instagram.

Stories are placed in the series above, following an order of appearance given by the user degree of engagement with that profiles, while Reels have their own section, accessed via a central button in the bottom bar.

They also (very important!) can appear in the Instagram Explore.

These characteristics make the Reels more open to the outside and potentially viral, a result that the Stories would struggle to achieve.

The ideal would be integrate all the functionalities (Post, Stories, IGTV, Reels) in a complementary way, to propose a wide and complete content offer and also to exploit the potential of each feature according to user’s goals.

2. They are really performing

(Less Stories, More Reels)

Instagram seems to be betting a lot on Reels.

This emerge by a surprising gap in performance with Stories, protagonists in recent months of a sudden and suspicious decline in views, detected by small and large profiles.

The main purpose is to grab the attention of younger users (age group 16-24) and steal them from TikTok.

To succeed in this mission, Instagram is offering an excellent performance to the new format and make it even more competitive and right to attract the audience.

Does this mean that Instagram wants to leave the Stories?

We believe not. The Stories will remain an important part of Instagram but the priority, at the moment, is another: to push the Reels as the latest novelty to accustom audiences and creators.

The possibility of appearing in the Instagram Explore is also a great opportunity for those who want to increase traffic on their profile.

In this case we suggest to create Reels consistent with the contents proposed in your feed to finalize the conversion of new incoming users.

Basically, the algorithm is behind.

If you didn’t create a Reel yet, now is the right time.

We cannot know how long this good wind will last but better not miss the opportunity to get from it the maximum profit!

3. A winning format

In this, TikTok had seen us long.

The Instagram Reels format almost perfectly follows the one of the Chinese rival: a 15-seconds (vertical) video to tell what you want.

The possibilities seem endless thanks to the many built-in editing features that make unnecessary to download other specific apps on mobile.

You can upload multiple clips, make effective transitions, insert filters and special effects, use original music or audio by the users themselves. Great chance for creativity!

It is a winning format guaranteed by the exponential success of TikTok among the new generations.

About contents, Reels move on the wave of the trends.

Faded the ballets era, the narrative one has come. More and more users use Reels to speak about themselves, their interests and their activities.

A great way, therefore, also for brands and professionals to talk about their services, values and products.

Instagram Reels Video Clip Example
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4. Continuously updated functionality

In this still experimental phase, Instagram is including various features that will allow the Reels to become even more captivating.

In this logic, being an ‘early adopter’ could have the best desired effects in terms of visibility and success of the content.

Let’s speak about the latest news: the Reels Remix.

What is Reels Remix?

Officially announced on the platform on March 31, they are preparing to be one of the most awarded options available on the social network.

The format is practically the same to the TikTok Duets: Reels Remix allow you to create videos inspired by other users or creators and place them alongside the originals.

You just need to choose the video you want to interact with, click on the three points below and select the “Create Remix” option.

The feature is already available for iOS and Android in the updated version of Instagram App.

5. Be an “early adopter”

We often say this and really believe it: experimenting with new things is always better than standing still and waiting for success.

The social media world is no different from the online world in general: everything is constantly changing and there is no better way to learn how to take advantage of new technologies than learning by getting your hands dirty!

Being an ‘early adopter’ will allow you to set the best by your digital communication and always ahead of the others.

Remember: when a technology, a strategy or a feature has become fashionable it means that it is already too late.

So go early, get busy and create your first Instagram Reels!

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