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Koala Babycare | Because a Facebook Ads consultant is much more than a coach

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The success story of Koala Babycare

One of Adv+’s most important success stories, Koala Babycare, helps us tell you why a Facebook Ads consultant is much more than a coach who teaches how to use the Business Manager and set up social network campaigns. An expert in online advertising campaigns can in fact guide clients through the many possibilities offered by web marketing.

In particular, the history of Koala Babycare teaches that any online advertising strategy is much more effective if integrated with a constant content marketing activity aimed at building the brand and a solid community. And if the advertiser is involved in these activities, he can provide a wider and more valid advice.

In this case, rather than involvement, we can talk about a real embrace that has led to results well beyond expectations. It could not be otherwise with Koala Babycare.

Who is Koala Babycare

A welcome hug

Koala Babycare founded its business on hugging. The first and most important one is dedicated to the perinatal period and the first years of the child’s life. In particular this business was born from the will of two friends engineers, Emil and Giacomo, to start a new project and all of them, which had a positive impact on people’s lives.

The first step in this direction was the design of a patented cushion for the prevention of plagiocephaly, capable of responding to a demand that had not been adequately met until then. From the pillow to a series of products and services capable of embracing the needs of newborns, mothers and families, the pace has been rapid.    

From Amazon to e-commerce in Italy and abroad

Brand evolution and community building

Koala Babycare was born in 2017 and sells its first product through Amazon. Initially this choice is advantageous because it allows the new company to take care of communication and brand, bypassing the organizational, technological and logistical issues of selling and delivering the product.

Moreover, the presence on the most famous marketplace in the West is beneficial to the diffusion and knowledge of the brand.

As time goes by, however, the need to sell products without intermediaries becomes more and more pressing. So, within a year, in 2018, the e-commerce of Koala Babycare was born. Its products can also be purchased directly on the Italian company’s website.

In just three years Koala Babycare has become the reference brand of the plagiocephaly pillow and a brand appreciated and known nationally, to the point of beginning the export of its business model also on foreign markets.

In addition to an innovative and high quality offer, the key to the success of Koala Babycare lies in the constant and progressive work of building its community through the creation of valuable content and the careful management of the relationship with its audience.

And then through content marketing activities (blogs, customer care, content and social groups), influencer marketing and of course, advertising on social networks and search engines. 

From Facebook Ads to Content Marketing

The role of ADV+

ADV+ starts working in 2018 for Koala Babycare just like coach for the setting up of Facebook and Instagram Ads campaigns towards the then showcase site of the brand.

From the very first time we sponsored the brand, we have seen an already very high level of appreciation of the brand by the target audience. The work of building the community had already begun and was bearing the first fruits.

Despite the good performance of the campaigns we immediately pushed towards the opening of a proprietary e-commerce. Not only to have full control over product sales policies but also to optimize web marketing activities and the generation of traffic to the brand’s website.

Reducing the risk, present on the marketplace, of losing the possible customer in the final phase of purchase, perhaps after investing in campaigns and traffic activities to Amazon.

The second piece of advice has moved towards a purely organic and community building social tool: the opening of the private Facebook group “Advice between Koala Moms”.

An initially uphill activity, given the difficulty of popularizing the group, given the impossibility of sponsoring the groups. Given the need to constantly animate the conversation with interventions and content. Given the initial skepticism of the client.

A community that in spite of all this, in the space of a few months has come to life and grows independently, playing a vital role for the Koala Babycare brand.

Among the important activities that we had the pleasure to suggest and support with advice and the setting up of sponsored campaigns, we can not fail to mention the first black friday of Koala babycare e-commerce.

Put hot audiences at the right point, built over time with commitment and constancy, put a week of discounts, put creativity dedicated, in the week of black friday the customer has converted 10 times more than the rest of the year. Not bad.

Today ADV+’s consultancy for Koala Babycare is expanding towards Google Ads, so we also take care of SEA (Search Engine Advertising). And, thanks to our international nature, for social and search engine advertising activities, we can guarantee coverage of all foreign markets of interest to the client.

Koala Babycare says about us

“I trusted Adv+ to learn how to set up Facebook and Instagram sponsored campaigns. After 8 months of coaching I learned how to do it perfectly. I could have easily have ended my relationship on this front. But I never did because our appointments have moved from teaching a tool to pure strategic consulting. Roberto is a continuous source of ideas, of inspiration, and why not? Of solutions, thanks to the experience and the network of relationships that only a consultant can guarantee”.

Giacomo – co-founder of Koala Babycare

Post production Video and Color Grading: Emanuele Colognese
Article by Jessica Manzella – Copybraid

For ADVPlus: Roberto “Popy” Nardini

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