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Generating great results via all round package

When it comes to Social Media performance marketing, several crucial factors converge to generate outstanding results.

Audience segmentation, selecting the appropriate conversions to optimize for, ensuring a user-friendly website, and, last but not least, creating exceptional content.

Our collaboration started in 2023 and quickly became an inspiring and motivating project. Primesurf GmbH is a travel agency specialized in Kitesurfing, Wingfoiling and more. No matter if beginner or professional. You can experience unforgettable adventures all over the world with Primesurf.

Booking Increase Value: Rose by 18,39%


As we all know, content on social media is one of the most important things to generate attention, and therefore results. For our project with Primesurf, ADV+ again collaborated with Eric Beck for content creation (Images, Videos etc.).

Eric has been not only a reliable collaborator in this sector but also without a doubt the best one we can think of!!!

Since new content for all of the provided locations by Primesurf were needed, not only for paid ads but also for organic content Eric visited those locations through 2023 while continuously working closely with ADV+ for the needed content creation on Social Media.

Create eye catching and engaging content implemented into Ads to generate great results :

  • Create Content for eye catching ads which generates high quality traffic to the website as well as bookings
  • Increase direct bookings & booking requests for the various locations around the world


After 2 quarters we were already generating some great numbers:

  • Website Traffic: Increased by 48,51%
  • Soft Conversion Increase: Improved by 31%
  • Booking Increase Value: Rose by 18,39%

How did we manage to achieve our goals?

ADV+ conducted numerous tests connected to ads to understand the audiences, placements, and other variables before allocating maximum budgets.

Visiting the c locations and directly working on content with Primesurf as well as Eric Beck not only helped but insured great upcoming ads. After finalizing the post-production, ADV+ confidently attributes the success of our performance marketing efforts to this remarkable collaboration with Eric Beck. He not only comprehends the clients’ needs but also maintains a highly professional approach in transforming this content into visually appealing pictures and videos, ideally suited for Social Media Ads.

We would like to extend a huge shout-out to Eric Beck for his invaluable contributions.

Do you want to reach the same results of Primesurf?

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